Attorney for LGBT Victims of Sex Abuse and Sexual Harassment

LGBT Victims of Sex Abuse and Sexual Harassment

It is an unfortunate fact that members of the LGBT community are at greater risk of sex abuse as children and sexual assault as adults. Research shows that perpetrators often target victims who they see as particularly vulnerable. Children struggling with their sexual identity are more likely to be victims of child sex abuse. Adults who are either openly gay or who are conflicted about their sexuality are at greater risk of sexual assaults and sexual harassment.

The Centers for Disease Control estimates that:

  • Nearly half of lesbian women have been raped at some point in their lifetime. More than 2.5 times the rate for heterosexual women.
  • Rates of sexual violence against gay men are roughly twice that of heterosexual men.
  • Over 40% of gay men and 47% of bisexual men have been victims of sexual violence at some point in their lifetimes.
  • Transgender persons are four times more likely than heterosexuals to be victims of underage sexual abuse, adult sexual assault, and sexual harassment.

When a child struggling with their sexual identity is the victim of rape or other forms of sex abuse, the impact can be devastating. Many LGBTQ sex abuse victims internalize the shame of abuse, blaming it on themselves. This guilt can last into adulthood and many LGBTQ sex abuse victims suffer from years of substance abuse, depression, failed relationships and suicide attempts.

When an adult member of the LGBTQ community is harassed or assaulted, they also internalize the abuse, thinking that their sexual identity somehow played a role. For this reason, LGBTQ members are less likely to report sex assaults than heterosexuals. This is unfortunate, as justice applies equally to everyone, regardless of sexual orientation.

LGBTQ victims of child sex abuse, adult sex assault and sexual harassment need to understand that it is not their fault. In addition, the laws in California regarding child sex abuse and adult sex assault/harassment are on the side of the victim. Even if the abuse occurred years ago, victims may still have an opportunity to file a claim against their predator.

Examples of abuse suffered by LGBTQ children can include the following:

In addition to the above, members of the LGBT community may be the victims of sex assaults and sexual harassment as adults. This can include workplace sexual violence and sexual harassment. Regardless of whether the abuse happened as a child or as an adult, gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender persons deserve to hold their abuser accountable.

If you or an LGBTQ loved one are the victim of child sex abuse or adult sexual assault in California, it is important to seek legal help from attorneys who understand you and know how to fight for your rights. It is also important to place your trust in an attorney who can get you the specific help you need.

Craig Charles Law has vast experience representing LGBTQ victims of sex abuse and sexual harassment in California. We work specifically with trained medical doctors, therapists and mental health professionals who are members of the LGBTQ community. Our unique perspective and personal experience make us highly qualified to represent the needs of LGBTQ victims and to obtain the best results on behalf of our clients.

At Craig Charles Law, we believe that an attorney client relationship involves trust. It is important for our clients to feel comfortable sharing their traumatic experiences, without fear of guilt, shame or embarrassment. Craig Charles Law is compassionate about fighting for the rights of all sex abuse victims, but we are particularly proud of our results on behalf of our fellow LGBTQs.

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